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Woodgrain collection

Tame the elements with the Melteca Woodgrain Collection. Colours, textures and grains derived directly from nature create natural and tangible connections. Engineered from the ground up Woodgrain decors find happy partners in warm greys, browns and blues to create naturally warm and inviting spaces with all of the benefits of highly durable, low maintenance surfaces.


Neutrals Collection

Relaxed by nature, uncluttered and light, our Melteca Neutrals Collection provides the perfect base for expressing your design personality. Complement the vibrant white and beige hues with bolts of black, deep blues and yummy natural tones. Then make your statement count with carefully crafted furniture, joinery and lighting choices.


Industrial Elements & Bold Collection

Raw material inspiration and bold pops of colour provide the perfect ingredients for our Melteca Industrial Elements & Bold Collection. Timber and concrete patinas form a solid foundation from where shades of grey make way for the dramatic and unapologetic solids in blues, orange and yellow. Playing beautifully against architectural aspects of any environment the industrial style sings with a sophisticated strength, whereas the bold shades give new life to their surroundings by their inherent power and confidence.