Melteca Clipwall

Melteca clipwall.jpg

Melteca Clipwall is a revolutionary wall-lining system that allows you to incorporate stunning patterns and textures into your interior walls with ease.  Perfectly suited for larger walls and feature walls, it offers a fast, durable and flush finish solution that is up to five times faster to install than traditional paint and plaster wall systems. Because it is completely pre-finished, Melteca Clipwall eliminates messy installation steps such as plaster joining and painting.

The system consists of 10mm thick MDF panels, that are 2785 x 600mm, designed to clip together and fix to timber or steel framing at 600mm centres. The Clipwall colour range includes solid, patterned and woodgrain decors as well as a Deco Paintable raw finish, which gives you the the flexibility to easily add any colour you like to your walls.

Melteca Clipwall is available in standard and fire resistant grade. An aluminium external corner profile in natural anodised finish is available, making corners easy to achieve.    

Monique Higgins